It has been a fun week…well, they all are. Interacting with the patient’s and their provider has lead to some exciting results. I mean jump up and down with tears in our eyes results.

Genetic testing. Thank you #Assurex Health for helping me implement your products and service into my practice. I have received test results on several patients this week that show they are on a medication for their depression/anxiety that their body cannot metabolize. This can lead to less than expected results from their medication or an increase in side effects. My physicians know their patients and that a change needs to be made; being able to use a tool that narrows down the choices for what is best for a particular patient is a game changer. When reviewing results with one of the providers this week (her patient was on what we refer to as a “red bucket medicine”), I asked if she appreciated this service. Her eyes lit up and she praised the results we are getting. And the patients are more compliant with their medicines.

The reports we receive have 3 columns of medications based on a patient’s DNA – Green, yellow, and red. Green means go; yellow means caution; and red means stop. Seeing the results from changing a red bucket medicine to a green bucket medicine is literally life saving.

These results have also been very beneficial in getting prior authorizations approved from insurance companies.

Blood pressure. I have been working with a patient for 2 months now on his blood pressure. It started at 180/95 (normal is less than 120/80); his medication was increased. His blood pressure went up – 192/110. We checked his kidneys. I visited his home to make sure he was taking the correct strengths of medicines. Needless to say, it has been difficult to get the right regimen for him. He lost his meds a couple times; he verbalized how to take the meds incorrectly after stating it correctly the previous weeks. I filled a mediset box for him. He came in this week – 123/75. He hugged the MA, tears of joy, praising God; his physician has not seen it that low. He is not having any significant side effects, such as dizziness. Wow, just, wow! Love the Teamwork!

Diabetes. Seeing results go from uncontrolled diabetes to controlled diabetes is an inspiration. Teaching patients about meal planning and increasing physical activity is what I spend most time on. Diabetes medications are expensive. My favorite thing is to take away a medication because a patient is so well controlled #deprescribing. And the money that is saved by the patient and healthcare system is significant.

Life isn’t always so rosy. I also had a controlled diabetic become significantly uncontrolled in 3 months. His lifestyle changed. He feels terrible. Thirsty and urinating all the time. Fortunately he knows how it feels to feel great and his current state. We pinpointed the changes and how he can return to better health. He is committed to doing this and I look forward to letting you know how he is doing in the future.

I don’t currently have all the answers to answer the question why. I hope to compile more data soon. I asked the people in charge. The CFO stated “there is a marked increase in productivity with the providers that you work with compared to those that you don’t”. He mentioned the overall positive perception from the C-suite and the providers. We are currently collecting patient satisfaction surveys and I will share results when they are available.For more information about having a clinical pharmacist in your office, please email Sue at