Our Story

SyneRxgy Consulting, LLC was started in response to the changing paradigms in health care. I have seen the devastating effects of not understanding your medications by:

  • Serving 20+ years as a pharmacist
  • Performing 15+ years completing medication reviews in the nursing homes, retail pharmacy, and hospital pharmacy
  • Managing Coumadin in a Coumadin clinic
  • Working in a Primary Care Office for 4+ years helping providers manage patients’ medications and chronic disease states

Patients typically see more than one physician and use more than one pharmacy. Our mission is to simplify medication lists. Our pharmacists make recommendations to decrease the side effects and drug interactions of medications, increase adherence to medications, decrease costs of medications which all result in improved patient outcomes.

The nation’s 90-and-older population nearly tripled over the past three decades, reaching 1.9 million in 2010, according to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau and supported by the National Institute on Aging. Over the next four decades, this population is projected to more than quadruple. 

Over 25% of the nation’s population is over the age of 55. Medications remain the most affordable treatment for diseases.

Pharmaceutical Specialists

We are certified pharmacists with 20+ years of experience.

Forward Thinking

We take action now to prevent future problems from occurring.

Problem Solvers

We listen to your story to understand what is going on and which solutions are best for you.

Customer Support

We will make it a top priority to communicate frequently and follow-up when needed.

Sue Paul

Sue Paul

Founder and CEO

I help physicians compile current medication lists with their patients AND help clients navigate their medications, assess for drug interactions/side effects / and duplicate therapy, and set up systems to help them with medication compliance in order to get the most out of their medications.  I’m passionate about educating clients on all aspects of medication.

Additionally, I co-founded Medipreneurs, an annual conference, training, and membership supporting healthcare professional entrepreneurs, and PGx101, a Pharmacogenomics certification program for Pharmacists.  I do this because I LOVE helping people by using the gifts God gave me!   

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