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Your Personal Pharmacist

SyneRxgy is about collaborative cooperation through communication. We are knowledgeable and dedicated pharmacists who facilitate awareness and understanding between all parties to achieve better outcomes not only for patients, but for medical providers as well.

What We Offer

As the complexity of the medical protocols increases, keeping track of pharmacologic interactions can be daunting and time consuming for physicians. Through knowledgeable and thorough oversight, our pharmacists help ensure that a patients’ care is optimized for safety and efficacy.

We evaluate for potential drug interactions. We reduce potential for  morbidity and mortality rates associated with medication interactions and errors.

With oversight of the complete pharmaceutical protocol of a patient, our pharmacists can be a conduit of information between the patient and all involved physicians; freeing up valuable time in a busy physician’s schedule and ensuring a continuity of communication with patients. Improved communication is vital not only to effective treatment but also quality patient care and professional dialogue.

We keep track of all the pieces of the pharmacology protocol puzzle. We offer more effective and meaningful use of the entire medical team’s time.

Patients have many concerns when multiple medications are started, including prescribing errors, the cost of medications, and possible adverse affects. This anxiety plays a key role in prescription non-compliance. SyneRxgy pharmacists take the time to address a patient’s concerns and help them better understand the care they are receiving.

We alleviate patient anxiety leads to greater compliance. We use the latest technological advances in patient monitoring and home management.

Our Work Flow


In Office Consultations

Once a collaboration has been established with an office, a SyneRxgy Consulting pharmacist will be assigned to your office on a specific day and time which is determined by the office’s needs. We recommend starting with 4 hours per week and scheduling medication complex and Coumadin management patients during that time, either in conjunction with their MD appointment or separately.

Patient-Pharmacist Relationship

What if you had a pharmacist who knows your history that  you could call any time with questions about your medications? SyneRxgy pharmacists want to be your go to resource for medication questions.

Caregiver Guidance

Have you changed roles from loved one to caregiver? Let SyneRxgy pharmacists bring you peace of mind by answering your medication questions and setting up systems to help manage the overwhelming task of medication management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read more FAQ’s for Physicians or for Patients & Caregivers.

What kind of clients do you work with?

The clients who have been helped the most are taking five or more medications and/or have one or more chronic disease states. These clients are looking for help organizing their medications and would like a pharmacist to look over all the medications to determine if they are all compatible or if they are causing any of the symptoms that are being experienced.

SyneRxgy Consulting pharmacists have also been able to bring peace of mind to caregivers who have been thrust from the role of loved one to caregiver. Through education, organization, and communication with physicians, we work with clients to determine the best medication regimen to produce positive outcomes and decrease overall healthcare costs.

SyneRxgy pharmacists are also a valuable asset to physician offices. By increasing touch points, navigating medications and making evidence based medication recommendations we can increase patient satisfaction scores, improve outcomes thorough education and improving adherence to medications, and will ultimately increase CMS star ratings (which also translate to increased reimbursement rates and decreased hospitalizations for your patients).

What is your turnaround time?

A SyneRxgy pharmacist will be in touch within 48 hours of initial contact.