Benefits that End in Higher ROI

SyneRxgy Consulting can increase patient touch points. Frequent personal interactions with patients lead to higher patient satisfaction scores. Our work will directly boost physicians’ ratings and accreditations.

Coumadin Management

Coumadin Management in your office by trained pharmacists. Includes testing, dosing, and patient education.

Sales Rep Intermediary

Meeting with Pharmaceutical sales Reps can be time consuming. Let our pharmacist’s meet with the reps and evaluate if the medication they are promoting will benefit your patients.

Pharmacogenomic Testing

“Try this and come back in a week to see if it works”. Have you ever heard this from a physician, or told this to a patient, when trying a new medication? DNA testing can help determine if a medication will work with your genetic makeup.

Prior Authorizations

Assist with Prior Authorizations

Increased Patient Adherence

By meeting with patients about their medications, our pharmacists emphasize the importance of compliance and help pinpoint reasons for non adherence. We can also help with medication adherence systems, and navigating transitional care changes in medications.

Discharge Follow Up

By offering support during transitions of care, we can answer patient questions, evaluate new drug regimens for interactions and side effects and costs, and help educate patients about why they have been prescribed these medications for their disease state.

Cost & Pricing

SyneRxgy Consultants require no capital expenses to initiate services.

Consultants are covered by most health insurance plans, which reimburse the physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track patient healthcare information?
Patient information will be tracked through the physician’s EMR.
How often will SyneRxgy Consultants provide their services?
Frequency of visits will be based on the physician practice’s needs. We recommend starting with a SyneRxgy Pharmacist in the office 4 hours per week and adjusting as needed.
Can SyneRxgy Consultants work with our medical practice management software?
SyneRxgy Pharmacists can work with EPIC systems.
How do you say SyneRxgy?
The “x” is silent. Synergy is from the greek work synergy, meaning working together. Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements (MDs, pharmacists, nurses, patients, therapists ) in a (health care) system to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Don't Be Shy

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