“This is how health care should work!” said by a physician I work with today.
A struggling young mom came in for mood follow up.
Prior to getting gene testing, she had tried 3 other medications.
For all 3 of the meds she had tried, her results indicated
“Genotype may impact drug mechanism of action and result in reduced efficacy”.
I thank God she didn’t quit. She knew the meds were not helping and she kept trying.
Our behavioral health coach saw patient and helped differentiate her actual diagnosis.
I saw patient, reviewed her pharmacogenetic testing results with her, and recommended to physician which medication to initiate and dosing. She and I also discussed how to use the new medication, potential side effects, and what to expect.
Physician finalized plan with patient.
Patient felt cared for and involved in the choices. I am so grateful we could help her with evidence based medicine.