10422562_10205938716373434_4852497604037090762_nThis may be the most common reason I hear when I ask a patient if they would like a medication review by a pharmacist and they decline.

Meet Henry (name changed to protect his identity). He is in his upper 80s, lives at home, and admits to me he is confused about his medications. Home visit arranged, and what I found was concerning.

After reviewing his current medication lists from his physician visits, I know the answer is false and proved to me that my business as a concierge pharmacist is needed in the current healthcare environment. He has 3 doctors in 3 different health care systems. Even with electronic health care records, what I found with respect to his medication list was disturbing.

His most recent visit note from his cardiologist states “he does not have a med list, but nothing has changed since October”. When I compared the cardiology list to what he actually takes, 7/13 were correct. Disturbing! Mostly because the physician is changing the patient’s doses based on what he thinks the patient is taking.

Health care system #2 has 8 medications listed, and 2 were correct.

Health care system #3 wins the award with 10/13 medications listed the way Henry actually takes it.

With multiple providers, multiple pharmacies, and incorrect information on the printouts given to the patient after their visit, a pharmacist’s viewpoint is more important than ever.

I will post more stories regarding my visit with Henry, and his struggle with his medications and how a pharmacist can help.