My answer is no.

I had an acquaintance reach out this week to see how she could be tested since she may need to start blood pressure medication soon. After my lifestyle changes spiel, I let her know the top 2 blood pressure medication choices for her do not have PGx markers. PGx testing will not help in her circumstance.

Some studies say the results from #PGx testing are questionable, may not be worth it. My anecdotal experience from ~600 tests is that it is.

I had two patients this week who were in tears with their successes.

One has had several medication related hospitalizations in the past 4 months. We were able to PGx test her last month and prescribe medication that works for her. She feels she has turned the corner. She stated

“I couldn’t wait to come in and tell you!”

The second patient was the next day. Her meds had been changed one month prior. She stated

“I feel so much better! I have finally been able to experience what internal joy feels like without relying on extrinsic factors”.

PGx testing allows providers to identify a more targeted list of medications. It gives providers and patients the tools to feel confident in making a medication change. SyneRxgy PGx101 rethinkpharmacy medis2019