“I haven’t been able to sing to my son since April, and now I can.” This was the first thing a patient said to me at her appointment this week.

I was seeing a patient for follow up this week. She came in last month for diabetes counseling.

Her main concern at that time was the “plague-like cough” that kept her from going places and limits her physical activity. She had been placed on medication for acid reflux, 2 inhalers and an asthma medication, and sent for testing. At the appointment last month we switched her blood pressure medication and I recommended trial discontinuations of other medications (with her physician’s approval).

She came this month in tears stating her cough is gone and she can sing to her son again. Due to the results of her trial discontinuations, 1 inhaler and the asthma medication were discontinued. She is excited to return to normal physical activity and eliminate some of her medications. Her diet is already better than most and being able to add physical activity back into her regimen will help decrease the need for more medications in the long run.