What a week! So many AHAs! Stretching and growing and challenging myself with the opportunities that come along. As much as I love #pharmacogenomics and the impact it can have on a person by recommending meds that play better with their genetic makeup, I am amazed by #Nutrigenomics! I had my first 3 consults in the past week and the AHAs are even more amazing and inspiring.

What if tailoring your diet and exercise regimen based on your genes could postpone or eliminate the need for medications in the future?

I tell patients that medication is the bridge until they can implement healthy changes.

So, I took my own advice. I have been on medicine (SSRI) for panic attacks for 23 years. It started shortly after I had my first daughter. Debilitating to say the least. When I would miss a dose I’d have an attack. I have changed my diet to hit the some variants in my genes and have been off medication now for 6 weeks. No panic attacks. I only went off because I realized I had not taken it in a few days and did not have any attacks. So I continued going…To Be Continued… #inspiration #medicine #personalization #SyneRxgy