I was asked by a good friend why they would need a pharmacist for medication information versus all the apps available. I love technology and I love how using it engages people like never before. There are so many ways to DIY (do-it-yourself) just by googling how.

Have you seen the commercials for medications? Scary side effects if you ignore the butterflies and listen to the disclaimers (anal leakage and death are some of my favorites). In fact, my 15 year old won’t take anything for allergies because as he states “I would rather sneeze than die”.

Apps and websites are very similar. The drug interactions and information can be overwhelming. All side effects ever reported must be listed.

This is why having a pharmacist on your healthcare team who will evaluate your medications is helpful. We help decipher the voluminous amount of information you receive from an app/website and can identify if it pertains to you, your body, your kidney/liver function, concurrent disease states, and other medications you take. A pharmacist listens and evaluates for side effects that you are actually experiencing versus the onslaught of effects that you could potentially encounter. The pharmacist’s perspective weighs the risk:benefit ratio based on you and what is going on in your world with your conditions.

Doesn’t my doctor do that? Physicians excel at diagnosing your condition. They know which medications treat that condition. And they have 7-15 minutes to do that. So when you enter their office with a new complaint, most likely you will receive another prescription (71% of patients who visit the doctor leave with a new prescription). But what if your symptom is a side effect from another medication? A pharmacist can help with that.

Feel free to use the drug interaction checker that I use : reference.medscape.com/drug-interactionchecker

DISCLAIMER : Not for hypochondriacs! Do not stop medications based on your findings! If you do have a concern, reach out to your pharmacist. If you do not have a relationship with a pharmacist you trust, reach out to us for a free get acquainted call at 513-227-8337 or synerxgy@gmail.com .

P.S. Medications can be scary and dangerous. Let us help you navigate the prescribing cascade!