This is not an unusual statement to hear from my team who obtains vitals of patients prior to their appointment for medication management. Usually the numbers are scary-out-of-control. I have walked with patients to the pharmacy to fill an antihypertensive and watch them take it.

This is what I get to do 2 days a week. I love it! The doctors seem to appreciate it – and I know the patients enjoy sitting down, learning about their medications, discussing barriers to care, lowering medication costs (best way is to eliminate unnecessary meds), and discovering tips and tools for adherence. It’s a very patient-centered environment – the way health care should be.

But, this time, the medical assistant was surprised because his blood pressure was in range. She stated it was the first time ever. She even checked it 3 times to make sure. 118/72. I had to laugh out loud. Since starting few months ago, most sounds of alarm that are heard are for vitals that are critically out of range. Score one for pharmacists and managing medications, and the patient, and the doctor! Working together as a team improves the whole healthcare picture.

If you are interested in exploring having a pharmacist on your team, please reach out