HOW? is a question that stumps us. HOW? can stop us from acting on an idea. HOW? will we get it done? HOW? is that possible? HOW? will you get paid?

Has anyone ever asked you HOW? and you questioned your whole hypothesis? HOW? can stop you in your tracks and send you back to comfort and safety.

I have had many conversations with potential and current business owners recently that start off enthusiastically and stop abruptly when HOW sneaks into the arena. HOW? can cause analysis paralysis. HOW? can make the end game seem like an impossible quest. Seeing through the HOW? is a skill that can be learned.

HOW? is important. It gets us from point A to point B. Here is how I get through HOW?

  • I start with WHY? Simon Sinek made this popular and it works. WHY? am I leaving a six figure salary to take better care of patients? WHY? is our healthcare system failing? WHY? don’t people take their medication properly? WHY? are there fatal drug interactions/medication related hospitalizations despite all the safety measures in place?
  • Then I think about WHO? I will be serving. WHO? would benefit from the knowledge I have? WHO? has done something similar to what I want to do that I can ask questions?
  • Then I envision WHAT? I can do about it. I can meet people in their homes after a hospital discharge to help them untangle the jumble of medications. I can work alongside physicians in their office managing medications with their patients. I can assist employers by helping manage their employees’ chronic disease states, educating them about lifestyle changes and lower cost alternatives, and offering workplace immunizations. I can offer pharmacogenetic testing and counseling which can help determine which medications work best for a patient.
  • Once these questions are answered, I decide whether or not I will commit to getting started. Then I move to HOW? Here is where experience and networking truly come in to play. Asking HOW? can I accomplish my goals? WHO? do I know that might have answers to the next question I have. My experience is that people want to help if you ask them. I know I do. So now you know the next steps you need to take to accomplish your goal.
  • ACTION is the antidote. So now you know WHY? you want to achieve these goals; WHO? you will be serving and can assist you; WHAT? you can do about it; HOW? you will get to the next step. Once you start taking ACTION, and moving toward your end goals, HOW? magically appears. BUT not until you commit and take action. Create your community. Breaking through the HOW? is hard and worth it.

If you would like a community to connect with who can help you break through the HOW, join us at . We know it’s hard. We know we have been called to do this. We see a better way. We found each other and have benefited from sharing ideas, struggles, and knowledge. We have created this community for you. Now you just need to figure out HOW to get on board. Commit, take action, and join us!