If you call the MD, ask if they do Pharmacogenetic testing .
I do not recommend calling the insurance company. Sounds crazy, I know, but they are going to ask for billing codes, etc.
Genesight is the company I currently use for the patients I see in the physician office where I work. As of this article, 95% of the testing they do has a maximum out of pocket cost of $330 (based on income). I believe they take health savings accounts. I like their reports, but the limit they have is the number of enzymes tested (12). For more info or a sample report, you can go to www.genesight.com
This is the test I currently  use in the MD office where I work. They only analyze psychoactive (depression, anxiety, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers), ADHD, Analgesics, and a separate enzyme called MTHFR. This test must be ordered by a physician
Another test I use for my private patients is www.oneome.com . Their max out of pocket cost is $349 and they can also attempt to bill insurance. It can be billed to a health savings account.
I like their test because it analyzes 22 enzymes which includes way more medications including the above mentioned classes and many more (diabetes, cardiac, Parkinson’s, oncology meds). I have tests here and could have them bill you or you could just order online and they will send you one.
You can get more info from www.23andme.com , but the information and reports are not nearly as easy to read/interpret. You would order the test online from the site and pay them directly. Up to $199. The information can be interpreted by a gene analyzer, which runs around $25.
My service helps analyze the reports and make recommendations to the physician based on the patient’s needs. My cost is $125. This is in addition to the cost of the testing.
What I have found with my doctors is that they used to have a few go to meds they use. If #1 doesn’t work, they try #2, etc. I analyze the genes, find out more about the patient’s lifestyle, concerns, etc, and assist in choosing the medication and communicate all of this with your physician.
You can do the above testing without my analysis. I am happy to help in any capacity you need. Please let me know if you have any other questions.