I had a visit with my primary care physician this week. I am in my late 40’s and made the appointment to get my medical snapshot so I can be proactive in my health. We had a great discussion about patient prescription, costs, affordability, and consequences of not taking prescribed medications.

She shared a story with me about a patient who had a total knee replacement (elective surgery). A prescription was sent to her pharmacy for a blood thinner to prevent blood clots after surgery, which is standard therapy. Patient could not afford the medication. Patient did not call the physician to inform them she would not be getting the prescription. Apparently, the patient was not aware of the risks of not taking the medication. Unfortunately, she lost her life to a blood clot. This was a totally preventable death.

If only she had let the physician’s office know she couldn’t afford the medication… There are alternatives. There are patient assistance programs that your MD or pharmacist can hook you up with.

If only she had known the consequence was that she would die. Would she have made more of an effort to get the money for the prescription if she knew it could save her life?

I believe most pharmacists and physicians want to help and have the tools to help. We also know risks versus benefits of which medications can be left at the counter.

Have you ever left a medication at the pharmacy because you couldn’t afford it?

Did you let your health care provider know?

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