Yes, I mean it! I live in this ocean as a pharmacist, where I can look at a medication list and know if they all go together. I spent 16 years in nursing homes reviewing patient charts and making recommendations to physicians when a discrepancy was found with medications that did not mesh with the other meds or a patient’s diagnoses. Truly satisfying work!

And I kept thinking…WHAT IF

WHAT IF I could reach these patient’s before they needed a nursing home?

WHAT IF there was a business that included a pharmacist’s routine review of medications that included monitoring for side effects, listening to the patient’s and their concerns with their medications (too many? too expensive? don’t feel right? not sure it’s helping?), reviewing for potential cost savings.

So I kept searching…and now my ocean includes work in retail pharmacies, a hospital, Coumadin management clinic, and a retail pharmacy in a hospital. I have taught classes at the University of Cincinnati James L Winkle College of Pharmacy. I have volunteered with Council on Aging, St Vincent De Paul charitable pharmacy, and the Drop Inn center which offers a medical clinic for the homeless. And the WHAT IFs grew

WHAT IF I could address medication adherence ($290 billion dollars annually in health care costs) by educating the patient and providing systems that help with adherence.

WHAT IF I could come up with a system to provide evidence based ways to decrease a patient’s medication costs by targeting what medications a patient can actually metabolize using genetic testing. 

WHAT IF I created a business plan with my dream to be a concierge pharmacist in your home.

EVEN BETTER, WHAT IF I created a business plan for your physician’s office that includes comprehensive medication review that won’t take time away from your visit with your physician.

WHAT IF I come to where you work to review your medications...Health care costs keep rising and I can review for lower cost alternatives, elimination of unnecessary medications, side effects, drug interactions.

WHAT IF a pharmacist could review your medications virtually from the comfort of your home

Just two incompatible medications can wreak havoc on an individual! Just last week I had a patient on a medication for Alzheimer’s and a medication than can actually contribute to dementia and makes the Alzheimer’s medication ineffective.

Please contact me at 513-227-8337 or for a free Get Acquainted Call if you or a loved one has concerns about the medication they take.